Tutorial v3.0 released July 3, 2023

Quick Notes App is a simple app to use to capture quick notes. Here are a few tips to get you started:




1) You can add a new note by clicking the + symbol. Existing notes are viewed by clicking < or > arrows. << takes you to the first note. >> takes you to the last note.  The app is just one window for compact size and efficiency, and you just navigate between notes.


2) You can add a new note also using the keyboard command 'CTRL' + 'Space'


3) You can resize the app and also click the arrow symbol on the top-toolbar to 'minimize' the app into the one-line mini mode. To add a new note in mini-mode just enter text and click + (or the enter key). Data is saved to a new note automatically.


4) Your data is saved locally on your computer.  You can copy and export your notes.

5) In the normal view, click on '...' to get to settings.  

6) You can search for your notes by clicking the search symbol on the left of the app

7) You can change the top-bar color of a note to make it like a sticky note color - just click '...' at the top of the app

8) You can use the font size buttons to increase and decrease the font size

9) You can set the transparency level and even color in settings

10) If you don't want the app to always be on top you can also set that in settings.


If you have any other questions or suggestions please contact us!  support@quicknotesapp.ai




Quick Notes App