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Premium Version


  • ► Unlimited Audio Transcription and Chat GPT4
  • ► Transcribe Speech to Text in Real-Time or After-Recording
  • - Real-Time transcription is ideal for meetings where you need to read what is happening as they speak, but needs a clear gap between spoken sentences.

  • - After-Recording better for faster paced videos and faster talkers - by processing afterwards the software can analyze all data and deliver better transcription.


  • ► Query your notes with Chat GPT-4
  • - Allows up to 90,000 characters in a note to be analyzed (more than 32x non-Premium version)

  • - After transcribing speech to text use Chat GPT to summarize a meeting e.g. use the prompt 'summarize this meeting and identify action items'

  • - Create a note with a Chat GPT query, such as an outline for a project plan... or just ask it a question to come up with ideas or talking points!

  • - Attach Files to a Chat GPT Query - e.g. PDF or Word document for instance to get a summary



























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By comparison, a monthly subscription to Open AI Chat GPT to get access to GPT-4 is $20/m


We believe most people don't need to use Chat GPT-4 that often - hence we think our pricing is fairer for day-to-day usage.  You can use Chat GPT as much as you like through our app, so for those of you who really want to use it a lot we offer quite a good deal we think. Most importantly your subscription helps us to keep developing the app. Thank You!


Once you have purchased the Premium version go back to the app to activate. Click 'Unlock' in Settings and enter the email address you used to purchase on Stripe. This will unlock all the Premium functionality.


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